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Mark has released five cds which are available at his performances and on iTunes under The Mark Dini Group or Mark Dini.

Songwriting: Steely Dan, Sting, Stevie Wonder, and John Mayer

Guitar: Wes Montgomery, Billy Gibbons, Pat Metheny,  Jeff Beck, Eric Johnson, etc...

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The Mark Dini Group includes George Coward, an extraordinary vocalist and bassist who is one of the leaders and vocalists of the highly in-demand showband, Doppleganger. Darrell Lavigne on keyboards tours the world as a musician and as a lecturer at top music Universities  in his role with the Louis Armstrong Foundation. A transplant from New Orleans, Darrell was voted best keyboard player in the Crescent City by the most discerning peers imaginable. His band, Bleu Orleans is heralded at one of the finest in Jazz today. Mark Simmons on drums has toured the world for over 15 years as Al Jarreau's drummer. Jamie Ashby, rounds out the band with additional vocals reminiscent of Sting and Bobby Kimball of Toto fame. Also featured in the band on the videos here are Keith Vivens (Bass) and David Caceres (sax).